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We are pleased to present our WEB DEVELOPER COMPANY – WEB SOLVE​ / Web Agency in Paris. We have gained experience over the years. Furthermore, we have created sites and participated in various projects. We have taken various courses and continue to train continuously. And all this, with the aim of being able to offer you, the client, quality service at the best price!

Back End

Agency Web-Solve / Web Developer Company in the Paris is above all a team and a quality web development company. We refine your website, and optimize the interaction of the different elements, in order to get the best possible rendering and speed, which is an indicator of high-level websites for web development.

In this way, you can achieve performance that will make your site stronger and more attractive than your competitors. And this is the main factor of an effective site for our web developer company!

Front End

Specialists from our web development agency in Paris take care of everything your eyes see. From the creation of icons and miniature logos to the design of your website's color scheme. Web design sets the overall mood of the site. Depending on the feelings you want to evoke in your visitor and the semantic load, the design decisions will play a major role.

With our experience in creating diverse websites, Agency Web-Solve / Web Developer Company in the Paris, selects exactly the right amount of feelings and emotions you want your client or visitor to experience.

Client Relations

All interactions that take place between you and Web-Solve Agency / Web Developer, in the Paris, are carried out by a local team of web developers. We strive to always better understand your ideas and preferences. After all, the quality of our work depends directly on how well we understand what our client wants.

The more we understand the client's point of view and idea, the better we can implement it! Thanks to our team of corporate web developers, we are able to stay in touch with our clients in Paris. (Paris and surroundings)

SEO specialist

What is the main purpose of a website? For the whole world to see it! In order for your site to appear at the top of Google search results, it must be well optimized in terms of SEO.

At Agency Web-Solve / Enterprise Development Web Paris, our team of business developers and web developers perform basic SEO optimization. Then we will promote your chosen positions to reach the top line of Google searches. This optimization is the key to continuously getting customers from Google.

Web Developer Commpany Web Solve

Our team of professionals is made up of people who are passionate about their work! This means that you can trust us with your project to deliver a worthy result. We are convinced that our cooperation will bring you excellent results and a great sense of satisfaction. And all this with a MADE IN Web Developer France guarantee.

With us, you can get your own website for as little as 700 euros. The whole process of creating a website will take up to 14 days (7-day express service). Moreover, you can always follow the whole process in real-time.


Choosing a name for your site and searching for a domain

This is a very important step, as the success of your site and your brand, in general, depends on it.

Here are some tips for choosing a domain:

  • The domain should be short and memorable.
  • It should speak to the theme of your site and the field of activity.
  • You can choose your brand name, and we select variations of the domain name for the site.

* The security certificate (SSL) is already included in the price of the domain.

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We buy the hosting for the site

Hosting is the hard drive of your site. The amount of memory and its capacity depends on the subject of your site.

Our hosts guarantee you :

  • 99.9% availability of your site (0.01% is for a case of force majeure, which in 7 years of web development has not happened to us once). Or you can choose your own host.
  • The hosting runs on SSD support, which makes your site as fast as possible. Another great advantage of speed is that you can also order a CDN service, and from anywhere in the world your site will open in 1-2 seconds.
  • Technical support. If you have ordered our support for your site, you can contact us at any time via a dedicated communication channel if you have any problems with the site.
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Installation of the system

The standard system for sites is around 700 euros with WordPress. But you can always choose another one and agree with us on the cost of its installation. Our web development company will be able to adapt to your needs.

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At this stage, you send us your logos and photographs to be included on the site. We will then optimize them and place them on the site. You also choose the main colors of the site.

We make 3 test versions of your website design, and you choose the best one.

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System optimization

At this point, your website is already functional and available to Internet users. Optimization of the site's loading speed (cache adjustment, compression of all materials on the site).

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The standard version of the site has 3 pages. Home page, About us page, Contact page.

Price for each additional page = 25 euros.

You send us the text for each added page, and we transfer it to the website. SEO optimization of each page for the Google search engine is also possible. You can find more information here or by contacting our web developer agency in Paris.

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Maintenance website

Maintenance of your website from 150 euros/month

Behind every successful website is a good webmaster. Therefore, in order to keep your website attractive and long-lasting, you need to monitor it. We offer website maintenance services. This service includes :

  • Regular updating of the system and all site components.
  • Spam protection and cleaning of database clutter.
  • Technical assistance and free repair of the site in case of unforeseen events.

We offer a guarantee against site burglary at a different rate. For more information by contacting us.

**You can always add more features to your site by talking to us or via our online calculator.

Web Developer Company

Our web development technologies :

At Web Solve, we know that the world of technology is constantly improving and that the right approach to these technologies can create effective solutions for the future of online businesses. A wealth of experience from our specialists and web developers in France has helped us to develop high-quality websites. And that’s what sets us apart from the rest of the web development community. Our online technical skills include :

  • WordPress (and other systems)
  • Laravel
  • Angular
  • React
  • Vue.js
  • MariaDB

The industries we work with.


Our extensive experience allows us to represent companies of all sizes, whether they are looking to set up shop, newly established companies, or companies looking to optimize their online business development.

Companies and industries such as :

  • Medical
  • Entertainment
  • E-commerce
  • Tourism
  • Education
  • Automotive
  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Business
  • Blog
  • Portfolio
  • Services

If you need a content management system for your website, an e-commerce platform for your retail development, a web application, a business card, an entertainment platform, a social network, your service site, your corporate site, or a site designed specifically for your needs, our web development agency will help you.

Our methodology
The success of any project depends on the process that drives it forward, and a consistent process leads to better results, quality, and growth for your business or project. Here is our web development process, which outlines the key stages of our work and partnership with you:


Before starting a project, we prepare a comprehensive proposal that includes a review of requirements, project budget, project milestones, timeline, etc.


Our team of Paris web developers and web designers create a modern web experience for every element and function, to drive conversion and create your brand image. At this stage, we make recommendations, share experiences and provide examples to help you choose exactly what you need.


The composition phase starts after we have received confirmation that the concept is suitable, and the client is satisfied. Our team places the project on our development server and sets up the framework and the corresponding collection systems. You will then be able to access the status of the composition and review the results.


After creating a project, integrating content, and obtaining feedback, we run a comprehensive testing program before we begin. This is done to ensure that the site is effective, practical, and reliable across a wide range of browsers and platforms. We test features such as cross-browser compatibility, mobile adaptation, content optimization, analytics, special scripts, contact forms, data collection, etc.


After final approval, we launch your website by moving the website from the test environment and publishing it on the main server.

Maintenance service

Our IT development agency provides ongoing maintenance and advice to our clients regarding web hosting, backup, and security.




We have an office and service center in Paris, France. Meetings are available online or in your office.
Professional website design services

Professional website design services

Our web design services ensure that your websites can turn your visitors into customers. The adaptive design and intuitive interface will make your site the favorite site for your users.


With 100% customer satisfaction, from people looking for a web developer to create their website, Web Solve becomes reliable and earns merit and trust as a web development agency in France. We offer the best web development services for your startups, growing businesses, or concepts.


Within its IT developer company, Web Solve selects creative and skilled professionals who have extensive experience and are well-versed in the latest trends in web development services.
SEO friendly websites

SEO friendly websites

Our team of SEO specialists makes the site SEO-optimized to attract visitors from search engines. We pay attention to every detail that will help your site to have good positions in search engines.
Non-disclosure agreement

Non-disclosure agreement

We sign contracts, non-disclosure agreements, and other documents. Our team works smoothly on all legal procedures to avoid inconvenience to our clients.


Providing world-class website services, our web development Paris site offers the most affordable prices for each of our clients. We are always ready to meet with our clients to evaluate the rate according to your budget.
Best modules

Best modules

We use the latest high-tech frameworks to improve security and simplify the website for the user's convenience.
High quality

High quality

We are uncompromising when it comes to quality. We approach each project individually and carry it out responsibly and professionally.


Thanks to the methodical process, we never miss a beat and ensure the rapid delivery of your website while maintaining high-quality standards.
web developer company Web Solve

Why work with Web Solve?

There are many reasons for this:

    🎯 Create amazing, profitable, and powerful websites;
    🎯 Available 24/7;
    🎯 Introduce the best web design and development techniques;
    🎯 Professional quality standards and fast project implementation;
    🎯 Offer the best prices;
    🎯 Full payment only after all work is completed, and the client is satisfied;
    🎯 We offer the client the possibility to examine the future site, even before payment.

Web-Solve Development Agency / Web Developer Company in the Paris

You can simulate the exact cost of your site for free in our CALCULATOR! By choosing only the features you need, you won’t have to pay more for unnecessary things. Our Paris web developer team will do the work you really need. This will help you save your budget and get the most out of your powerful new tool in the form of a great website. Feel free to contact our web development company at your convenience! At Agency Web-Solve / Enterprise Development Web Paris, we are always here to help and advise you on the best solutions.

By sending a contact request to our web development agency in Paris, you can expect a response within hours! Our team will study it and answer your request as soon as possible! At Agency Web-Solve / Enterprise Development Web in Paris, we look forward to new tasks to improve ourselves by executing client projects! We are present on all major social networks. You can subscribe to us to not miss the latest news and promotions. Our Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages.

At Agency Web-Solve / Enterprise Development Web Paris, we help you create better projects than your competitors.

So call on our Web Development Company in Paris now!