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Our company Developpement Web Paris, offers a full range of services in the field of web development! Our main services are listed below. Some are contained in our online calculator.

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We are a premium agency that focus on quality

Our Company Development Web Paris Agency creates website design of different types and styles. All websites are optimized for mobile design. All types of web design will allow you to feel free, to realize all your ideas, and to be sure that everyone will see it correctly!

Custom Website

We do not realize our ideas, but yours! You have full access to the progress of the process, to which you can make your own changes.

Web Design

Our agency works with different artagencies in Paris, which guarantees you a premium quality design, for your website.

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Some services in which Web Solve expert

As in most cases, every purchase or transaction begins with a consultation. To learn all the details and see all sides, it is essential. At our agency, the consultation is FREE. You can contact us through the contact form and ask your question. Our specialist will answer you within 24 hours. If you would like a more in-depth consultation, you can do so via videoconference on our WS Connect or Zoom platform.

But there are some people who don't need a consultation. If you are one of them, we offer you an online price calculator for our services. This calculator is completely free! You can find out prices, compare prices, or even print out your potential order with prices for each step.

To learn more about payment methods, payment processing, and quality assurance, you can visit our FAQ page or contact our specialists.

In most cases, to order a website from a web development agency, you will have to spend a long time filling out various forms and often wait a long time for a response from a web development agency representative.

And we all know that time is money, so our web developer agency gives each of our clients the opportunity to calculate the cost of a custom website online!

The prices in our web development company's calculator are approximate, so after the calculation, you can always contact us and get a detailed consultation on your order account - FREE. This consultation also includes an analysis of your future project and an individual selection of necessary features. Don't pay too much if you don't need it!

Web Solve - Web Development Company Paris.

Web-Solve - offers a unique service to create a demo version of your future website - FREE.

It's always nice to see what you pay for. So our agency makes a mock-up of your future site so you can see if you need to change anything.

The demo version of the site will be available 3 days after the creation.

On the online calculator page, you can in three simple steps, find out the approximate cost of your future site. The calculator works on all types of devices and is intuitive.

The online calculator supports several types of payments: Bank transfer, Credit card payment, Paypal. You can also use it to compare prices on different types of sites.

Site maintenance is essential! Nowadays, everything needs care and support. The website is even more so. Without maintenance, even the best website will eventually become unusable.

Therefore, our web agency provides a website maintenance service. This service is valid for both new and existing websites.

Before creating a website, we agree with the client on the future features of the website and select the best system for him. Website trends are constantly evolving, so it is essential for us to understand our client's needs and adapt.

At Web Solve, we work with the following major CMS: WordPress, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Joomla, Laravel (PHP, CSS). It is possible to work with the system proposed by our client. We always recommend the best approach for the client's needs, but the choice always belongs to the client.

A well-known fact that every website owner knows in relation to the success of the website is the number of visitors.
SUCCESS = NUMBER OF VISITORS. What does this mean? The number of visitors to your site depends directly on its search engine optimization. SEO - It is properly configured: articles, pages, media, and other key elements of the site.

At Web Solve, we provide the SEO Strategy service for your site. We will help you to know the current level of optimization of your site and, if necessary, to improve the SEO of your site.

As web developers sometimes say: "Content is king, site speed is queen". In other words? Everything is very simple! You may have a beautiful and informative site but at the same time, your site visitors are waiting 3-4 seconds for the page to load... According to statistics for 2022, - "73% of visitors leave the site that loads more than 3 seconds".

Web Solve pays a lot of attention to the optimization of the site speed because according to the innovations of Google, a slow site can not succeed. What if your site is slow? In this situation, don't give up. You can order a site speed optimization service from us.

This service includes the possibility to see the current data and a clear plan to improve the speed of your site!

"53% of internet users use mobile devices." In other words, if you have a website and its design is not adaptive to mobile devices, you are losing more than half of your customers. Adaptive design is essential in 2022 for a successful site! Therefore, all sites created by Web Solve, are 100% adaptive!

And even if you already have a site that does not have an adaptive design, we offer the "Redesign" service. This is the replacement of the existing layout of your site with a more modern and adaptive layout with a correct display on any device!

Every website owner, sooner or later, faces various problems. If a website is part of your business, such problems will mean a loss of profit for you. Therefore, they should be dealt with as soon as possible.

Our specialists have extensive experience in identifying and solving problems that may occur on your site. To get such assistance, you should contact us via the contact page with the company Development Web Paris.

Web Solve offers you the service of logo creation for your website or your brand

The face of every website is its Quality Logo. The logo represents your brand. Therefore, the importance of this small icon should not be underestimated. Our agency's designers can choose a logo for even the most discerning client. Over the years of work in the field of website design, our specialists have had to create various examples of logos.

Sometimes choosing a logo can be a difficult job. But our specialist will help you with the logo ideas which would be the best for you or your business! You can visit the websites of some of our clients and see the examples of logos that have been created by our company, Development Web Paris.

When ordering this service, you have the choice between 3 logos. All original logos are in the following formats: SVG, PNG, and JPG. If necessary, it is possible to order the copyright of your logo and obtain all necessary documents.

With us, you can order also - Urgent Logo. Urgent Logo - Creation of Logo beyond in 2 days.


what our clients say

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Nicolas Entrepreneur

The company that met my expectations.
Thank you guys.
My site is great!

Gregory Mamfis Entrepreneur

The only company that was able to translate into reality all my ideas for creating a website. Painstaking, accurate and professional work. I would like to set them up as an example to others. They explain everything competently, offer their improvements and do everything in the most favorable terms. Thank you!

Theodore Stephens Entrepreneur

Everything was fine and I especially liked the site support team who carefully supervised everything

Regina Vindus Entrepreneur

All work is carried out at a high professional level. Based on the results of our cooperation, I can safely recommend contacting this company. It is such professionals in their field that you should trust the development of the site and the solution of other business tasks related to the Internet.

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